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PSA Nov 23


Issues Today

Child Abuse/Parenting – 11/23/14 – IT – Interview with Judge Glenda Hatchett, TV Jurist, about parenting issues and the increase of child abuse, as well as the challenges of family court.

Domestic Violence/Women – 11/23/14 – IT – Interview with Dr. Gina Myers, Personal and Professional Dev. Coach, about her personal experiences with domestic violence, and about how women can have better self esteem.

Food Costs/Health – 11/23/14 – IT – Interview with Annabelle Ascher, Food Expert, about how people can save money on their groceries, and about buying more healthy foods.

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Lone Star Outdoors Show Nov 22-23


The Lone Star Outdoors Show airs at 9:00am Saturday Morning and 8:00pm Sunday Evenings. Join Cable Smith as he discusses the great outdoors.

PhilBourjaily_zps96311c6fThis weeks show we talk shotgunning with Field and Stream shotgun editor Phil Bourjaily. Then predator hunting with Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit. Jeff recently arrowed an 800 plus pound world record mako shark with his bow! He talks about that experience and we spend a segment on calling coyotes. We wrap things up by talking winter catfishing with Greg Pavur or Pavur Outdoors. A longtime guide, Greg explains why catfish move shallow during cold weather and he tells us how to catch ‘em!


Have a great Thanksgiving!


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Eagle Ford Minute Nov 21


Eagle Ford Minute Nov 21, 2014
by Randy Watson, randy@nobullradio.com

San Antonio ozone pollution remains in compliance with federal air quality standards

Eagle Ford Shale air quality is monitored from a single monitoring station in Floresville. The TCEQ chose Floresville as the location for the first monitor because of it’s proximity to San Antonio. A second monitoring station will be installed at the Karnes County Courthouse within 2 months. The Dallas area Barnett Shale has 15 monitors. There is some question as to whether or not this air pollution from the Eagle Ford will tip the scales for ozone pollution in San Antonio.

San Antonio ozone pollution remains in compliance with federal air quality standards, but every year the city inches closer and closer to “non-attainment.”

If the San Antonio region is declared to be in “non-attainment,” consumers could face mandatory emissions-testing on their automobiles, higher gasoline prices, restrictions on businesses that release pollutants in the air and a potential cut in federal highway funding. Read More Here, Here and Here

Oil at $75 Means Patches of Texas Shale Turn Unprofitable

With crude at $75 a barrel, the price Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says will be the average in the first three months of next year, 19 U.S. shale regions are no longer profitable, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Read More

For more information visit the No Bull Radio Website at www.nobullradio.com

This has been Randy Watson of the No Bull Radio Network Reporting the Eagle Ford Minute.

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Cody Joe Hodges Studio Visit


Cody Joe Hodges Visits 1280AM KMFR Pearsall Studio

by Randy Watson, KMFR


Randy Watson and Cody Joe Hodges (r) at the No Bull Radio Network studio in Pearsall, Texas. 1280-AM KMFR

Texas music artist Cody Joe Hodges made a radio visit, today, to the 1280-AM KMFR studio in Pearsall of the No Bull Radio Network. Cody Joe Hodges and Eric Mathis (drummer) are out and about in Texas and Oklahoma promoting “Getting Back to Country” from his just released album “The Good Stuff”.


Eric Mathis (drummer) and Cody Joe Hodges at the 1280-AM KMFR radio studio in Pearsall, November 14, 2014.

Cody Joe is inspired by Merle Haggard, George Strait, Don Williams and Waylon Jennings. I even heard some Dwight Yoakum. “The Good Stuff” will take you back to sounds of country, back when you knew what country was supposed to sound like.

Cody Joe graduated from Texas A&M and is a US Army Veteran. Learn more about Cody Joe Hodges and the Cody Joe Hodges band at www.codyjoehodges.com

Want to hear Cody Joe Hodges play live? Check out his calendar. Cody Joe Hodges will be live at the Alamo Icehouse in San Antonio on Saturday, December 20, 2014 @ 8:00 PM.

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Eagle Ford Minute Nov 20


Three Indicted in Oil Theft Scheme and President’s Actions on Immigration Reform.

Federal authorities have arrested three South Texas men who have been charged with stealing approximately $1.5 million worth of oil from two companies operating in the Eagle Ford Shale.

A federal grand jury indicted the 3 on multiple counts of theft of oil from interstate shipment, wire fraud and money laundering. The indictment alleges that between January 2011 and August 2014 the defendants took part in a scheme that used a wastewater removal truck to pilfer oil from Newfield Exploration Co. and Anadarko Petroleum Corp. The stolen oil was then sold via wire transfer to third-party buyers.

If convicted, the crimes could be punishable by imprisonment up to 20 years and a fine of $250,000. Read More

Obama, Acting Within His Powers or Acting Like a Dictator, Outside the Constitution?

President Barack Obama’s plan to take the immigration system in his own hands is a daring test of the limits of Presidential power and a challenge to the Constitution. None of the major networks wanted to take time away from their primetime programming for Obama’s 8p.m. speech.

“The issue is, if the president’s actions effectively nullify federal law, then they are unconstitutional,” said Alex Nowrasteh, immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute. “But if his actions merely channel enforcement resources to other areas covered under the law then it is within his discretion to do so.” Read more

For more information visit the No Bull Radio website at nobullradio.com. This has been Randy Watson of the No Bull Radio Network reporting the Eagle Ford Minute.

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Friday Night Playoff Games


Falls City Beavers vs La Pryor Bulldogs and Karnes City Badgers vs Odem Owls in Playoffs

The Karnes City Badgers football team has a playoff game vs. Odem Owls on Friday, Nov 21 at Beeville High School and the Falls City Beavers has a playoff game versus La Pryor Bulldogs on Friday, Nov 21 at Somerset High School. Both games scheduled play times are 7:30pm Friday night. The No Bull Radio Network will be broadcasting the Karnes City Badgers Game live. The Falls City Beavers game will be aired on Saturday morning at 10am.

Go teams! Good luck to the coaches and the boys!

Karnes City vs Odem Owls – Broadcast live at 7:30pm Friday night on 92.1FM Kenedy/Karnes City and 1490AM Beeville

Falls City vs La Pryor Bulldogs – Recorded game will be aired on Saturday morning at 10 am on 92.1FM Kenedy/Karnes City and 1490AM Beeville

If you or your business would like to show your support for the community by sponsoring one or both games, please call 830-583-7272 for details.

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Eagle Ford Minute Nov 19


Experts worry the Eagle Ford air quality may be at risk, Keystone pipeline bill fails in Senate

Dr. Gunner Schade, of the Department of Atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M, has been studying Texas air quality for six months. Shade said indications of hydrocarbon emissions from the shale are constant, not intermittent. Dr. Schade said many of the hydrocarbons don’t pose a danger, but continued exposure can have long-term effects.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality collects air quality information from a monitoring station in Floresville, and the agency also responds to complaints about shale emissions. TCEQ will soon be adding another monitoring station in Karnes County. Read More

A bill to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline failed in the Senate on Tuesday by just one vote, in a setback not only for the energy project but the politically imperiled Democratic senator who pushed the legislation.

The bill failed on a 59-41 vote. It needed 60 to pass. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., had resurrected the legislation ahead of a tough runoff election next month, hoping to show her Washington clout and put Congress on record in support of the pipeline — even though the White House indicated President Obama would consider vetoing.

“For jobs, for economic opportunity, for independence, for energy independence — this fight was worth having,” Senatro Landieu said. Read More

For more information visit us online at nobullradio.com … This is Randy Watson of the No Bull Radio Network and the Eagle Ford Minute.

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The Trading Post


Jauer Farm Supply Trading Post Airs M-F at 12:30pm

Trading-PostHey! Your host Randy Watson, here! Don’t forget about the Jauer Farm Supply Trading Post. The Trading Post is broadcast daily at about 12:30, in the after noon. Thank you, our loyal listeners for tuning us in and listening to the Trading Post.

Feel free to email us at contact@nobullradio.com, or call in at 830-583-7272 with any items that you have for sale, trade or barter! Keep it simple, a description, location, price, name and phone number for the items to be include on the Jauer Farm Supply Trading Post.

Without the Jauer Farm Supply, we couldn’t bring you this free service. Please shop for your farm and garden needs at the Jauer Farm Supply in Karnes City.
No doubt about it…a lot of things get bought, sold or traded, down here in Eagle Ford every day because of The Jauer Farm Supply Trading Post.

The Trading Post is just what it sounds like.  It’s a place for private individuals (not businesses) to advertise what you have to buy, sell and trade…for FREE! No wonder it’s so popular!!

Tune us in! … The No Bull Radio Network! Well, tune us in all the time, but listen at about 12:30 in the afternoon for the Trading Post. Go ahead, Pearsall, Dilley, Cotulla, Christine, Runge, Yorktown, Stockdale, Pettis, Beeville, Devine… tune us in and listen to the Trading post.

We transmit the Trading Post on 92.1FM in Kenedy, 1490AM in Beeville, 95.3FM in Dilley and 1280AM in Pearsall.

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Texas State Network News


Texas State Network News

tsn-logoNo one covers Texas like The Texas State Network. Trusted Texas news source for over 75 years. News, Weather, Sports and Agri-Business. And the No Bull Radio Network cluster of stations proudly carry TSN news, agri-business news, talk shows, sports and other programming, throughout our broadcast day.

Texas State Network (TSN) News airs at 55 past the hour, Monday-Saturday, 5:55 a.m. through 7:55 p.m. Texas State Networks reach nearly 3 million radio listeners each week in the Lone Star State.

TSN’s inclusive approach delivers a digital newsroom and has studios in Dallas, the Austin bureau, and news correspondents. TSN ensures the best possible broadcast to cover the state of Texas with the latest news information. Tune in to the No Bull Radio Network at 92.1FM in Kenedy, 1490AM in Beeville, 1280AM in Pearsall and soon at our newest station in Dilley 95.3FM.

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Eagle Ford Minute Nov 18


Pipeline to Mexico Opens, Could Towns Ban Fracking, Eagle Ford trial settled

A new pipeline project to move Eagle Ford Shale natural gas into Mexico’s growing energy market has opened. NET Mexico Pipeline Partners LLC announced today that construction of its 120-mile pipeline is complete and ready to export natural gas to Mexico. The NET Mexico project is from the Agua Dulce hub in Nueces County to a point about six miles east of Rio Grande City in Starr County. NET Mexico is an affiliate of Houston-based NET Midstream. We can export gas to Mexico, but can’t figure out how to get flare gas to San Antonio. Read More

Could fracking ban come to towns on Eagle Ford Shale? The residents of Denton, Texas, voted to make fracking a criminal activity within Denton city limits. Read More

Eagle Ford trial settled. JPMorgan Chase Bank has agreed to pay about $40 million to the beneficiaries of the South Trust Syndicate Trust to settle a four-year-old lawsuit over management of he trust’s mineral rights in the Eagle Ford Shale, according to one of the rights-holders who didn’t want to be identified. More than half of the trust’s beneficiaries had sued JPMorgan for more than $415 million in damages, alleging that the nation’s largest bank had cut sweetheart deals with some of JP Morgan’s commercial clients for the mineral rights. Read More

For more information visit nobullradio.com. This has been Randy Watson of the No Bull Radio Network reporting for the Eagle Ford Minute.

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