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Heading South by Moonlight Social Song Review


Photo in this song review from Moonlight Social has Jeremy and Jennica sitting down on an weathered old boat dock..

Moonlight Social: Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott


Moonlight Social are a country duo hailing from Austin, Texas, comprising of Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott. Having formed in 2011, they were soon performing at industry showcases and won the 2011 Austin Chronicle Sound Wars, as well as the Show Us Your Hits Competition. In 2013, they were named as one of the Best New Bands in Austin, and featured as up and coming artists on the Nashville-produced TV show Welcome To Indie Country. They have since built up a formidable fanbase through touring the Texas Red Dirt scene and elsewhere.

They describe themselves as ‘Sugarland meets The Civil Wars’, their music essentially country with elements of rock that help to add edge. This song, Heading South, is essentially about songwriting itself; the search for creative inspiration and battling self-doubts. Jennica Scott takes the lead vocal, with Jeremy Burchard adding a lovely lower harmony. Jennica possesses a powerful distinctive voice with a large range and together they create a nice vocal blend.

The first verse tells of trying to solve writer’s block and find lyrical inspiration by heading out for a drive. It builds to the memorable chorus hook of “Here I go, looking for meaning down this old dirt road’, which lifts the music as a good chorus should. The second verse describes battling fears and struggling to confront her feelings, so the drive becomes a metaphor for running away from herself. Towards the end, they show their rock leanings with a classy electric guitar solo and a great high note from Jennica.

Overall, this is a superb debut single from this highly promising country-rock duo. With both the vocal and songwriting abilities necessary to crack the big time, aided by flawless production that is perfect for radio, Moonlight Social will be sure to make a big impact with this. I look forward to hearing their debut album in the future.

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