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Randy’s Song Review

Ignorant Bliss by Jake Ward – Song Review


B&W photo on this song review of Jake and the Coastriders on stage, performing.

Jake Ward and the Coastriders: Jake Ward – Vocals, Guitar Paul Teltschik – Lead Guitar, Vocals Daniel Hawkins- Drummer Mitchell “Sunshine” Williams – Bass Owen Fitzsimmons – Fiddle, Vocals

Jake Ward is an up and coming country artist hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas. His music blends together classic country and elements of modern rock with notable coastal influences, of which Ignorant Bliss is a perfect example. Today’s song review focuses on Jake Ward and the Coastriders. Jake and his band, are known for their high-energy live performances and have already opened up for many touring acts. Their first single Hit The Road made the chart’s Top 20 of Texas Regional Radio and they are gearing up to release their first album Love Don’t Live Here.

As mentioned earlier in this song review, Ignorant Bliss is an up tempo country-rock song that modernizes the old country style of songwriting and sound. The high quality production certainly helps, though you would say it more country than rock, even with the pounding rock-style snare and crashing cymbals of drummer Daniel Hawkins, who keeps a firm, steady beat throughout.

Jake Ward has a personable, radio-friendly voice that fits in well with the overall musical blend, which features lovely touches of some of my personal favorite, but less often used instruments, the sit-down steel guitar and fiddle. Lyrically, it’s a endearing, reflective song, yearning for the times when there were no responsibilities or burdens in life. The whole song is very musical and melodic, with some gorgeous vocal harmonies that boost the chorus, which has a fast paced, steady groove. The short fiddle solo, followed by guitar is a nice instrumental touch, and all the musicians involved do a great job.

Overall, this is a first rate example of modern country, retaining the wholesome and musical elements that made country great in the first place, with modern-style techniques of rock production giving it an up to date sound. A good song review will follow the release of good songs. If they follow with an album of songs as good as this, Jake Ward and his talented band will continue to rise in popularity and success.

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Updated: April 23, 2015 — 5:10 pm


  1. Jake Ward is the real deal!
    He is going to save country music!
    They are one of the best live bands I have ever seen

    He just put out a video on youtube of this song

    1. Hi Kim,

      Yes, Jake Ward and the Coastriders do put out some really good music and as for live venues, they are very energetic. Thanks for your comments.

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