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KCAF 92.1 FM Kenedy, TX
KMFR 1280 AM Pearsall, TX
KVWG 95.3 Dilley, TX
KIBL 1490 AM Beeville, TX

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210 N. Panna Maria Ave.
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Business Office: 210-744-3797
General Manager/Managing Partner: David Martin Phillip
Email: dudleedorite@NoBullRadio.com


Want to join the Utterly Fantastic Radio Team? Rufus Resources, LLC (KCAF, KMFR, KIBL) is an equal opportunity employer.

We are always accepting resumes via email or mail for current and future open positions. Please include a cover letter to introduce yourself, audition tape, and specify what department(s) you are interested in: Programming, Promotions, Sales, or Business Office.

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Rufus Resources, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enduring Oil Exploration, LLC



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  1. how do I enter for the 74 vette

    1. Hi Mr. Hillman,

      The details of the Corvette giveaway have not been completely worked out yet. It’s still not determined whether to be a random drawing of listeners or a raffle of some kind. Best advice for now, is keep enjoying out Classic Country and Down Home Texas Country Music … and Listen to Win! … We’ll announce on the air, when the details are finalized. Thank you for your loyalty.

  2. Thanks for the Basketball broadcast between Falls City and Kenedy , I enjoyed the game, couldn’t be there in person , good job on the call! Keep up the good work .

  3. Funny how all these comments have the same grammatcal mistakes… 😉

  4. Who is the girl doing the advertising … saying located in a really big cow pasture.. Is she a farm girl or just one of those paid voice over people. She sounds like one of my x wife’s… I sure hope it’s not her.. she keeps stalking me.. everytime I move to a new rig location she pops up at the local radio station doing radio ads cause her voice is so sexy.. guys can’t wait to hear her voice… hey guys don’t let the voice fool you… she’s as ugly as a three year old round bale of hay… and twice as big too. Since you guys have all these radio stations down here in the Eagleford Shale… there is no place for me to hide… help help

  5. Something says…I think I like this station..News, weather, local sports, interviews with new and great recording artists… promoting local events… what more..oh yea fantastic music.. udderly fantastic MOOSIC>>> U CRAZY COW ..you did come home..

  6. Where did you get the cow? She’s alittle flat chested… somebody pass me another beer… OH I don’t feel so good..but I like the moosic. you freaky radio your crazy lol

  7. Mary Ann Richardson

    What a relief to listen to a radio station you can understand good music we hear you in San Antonio,,what breath of fresh air (music).. good job

  8. I’ve been listen to this station while traveling to Corpus Christi. Great Sound and information….After, hearing the commercial about the Killer Ribs and the guy who passed out because he ate so much >>LOL>>LOMAO. I bit and drove an extra 30 miles to try those ribs… Your right the ribs were worth the drive and your station is great.. You make the trip down the road more relaxing thanks

    1. Hey
      Radio Station KCAF 92.1 WHAT HAPPENED TO CONAN, SWEETIE, and STINKY… the patrons you interviewed at PARTNERS BAR B QUE in Karnes.. …HERE on the rig we laugh our a** of when we hear it… thanks for the laugh and the good tunes… go Cowboys

  9. Good music….. who are you guys…. I live out side of Blanco and your station just overpowered the old station that we listen to… and guess what you guy are better.. good tunes we can understand.. keep it up we are listening

  10. James (Big Boy) Barksdale

    Because of this radio station I have lost 15 pounds in just one week.. Yeap that’s right 15 pounds…cause at noon and 5pm I stay in the truck and listen to the DOWN ON THE FARM REPORT… MY WIFES CALLS LUNCH Is READY COME AND GIT IT. But I don’t go cause I want to listen to the DOTF reports on KMFR 1280am Pearsall, Tx. The radio station may make my wife divorce me,,,If so at least I can listen to your DOWN ON THE FARM REPORT without interruption..and by years end I should be down to 350lbs and be able to dance to some of your great tunes..long live the NO BULL RADIO Network thanks guys for my loss

  11. No more Radio in the box ie: Country top 40….Ya’ll play the the classics and the flip side no one has every heard… this fresh great country music… the the big guys for what ever reason have refused to play.. I am telling all my friends to listen.. I picked up your station while fishing in Copano Bay… those old songs brought back a flood of great memories… We didn’t catch any fish but we heard the best music we have heard in years…. do it more please..

  12. Everyday…. you guy surprise me… the best song and those interviews with these new recording artists is fantastic…. How did you think up the NO BULL RADIO network and the cow in the headlites logo… you are my new favorite.. I can’t wait to hear No Bull Radio tomorrow.. what surprises are in-store…I have JOINED the HEARD (herd)..u are my station KCAF 92.1fm xoxo Connie… see ya’ll @ K-TOWN JULY 19th

  13. Good old country music for the rural folks, very nice, keep it up. I enjoy the livestock market reports, good BS….

  14. The Classics rule and so does your Station…..I just picked it up going down IH37 between San Antonio and Corpus.. it is so refreshing to hear a real local radio station…. that provides entertainment and information to their listeners and community. We need more Stations like yours…. care on the good work… thx Maxine

  15. Love the outdoors reports and your classic country music… thanks for the death notices,,,,,,, at least now we have time to pay our respects, instead of reading in the local newspaper 7 days after our neighbor has been buried… thanks guys you are the best.. and all the best to you from Live Oak County.

  16. Constance Fredricks

    Hey you guys are the greatest……What did you do to get that interview with Charlie Pride…….When I heard it I got goose bumps….I have been listening to him since I ws a child… he’s the greatest…. and you guys come close… Keep it up.. everybody is listening to you in South Texas… thank you

  17. Nice stations! I like country music.

  18. Johnny Rodriguez


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