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Pearsall Station Press Release

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Enduring Expanding Shale Network Radio Service To Pearsall

For Immediate Release

April 14, 2014 Pearsall, Texas: The broadcast division of Enduring Oil Exploration LLC., of Karnes County announced that the company has signed an agreement to provide news and entertainment programming to Radio Station KMFR-AM 1280 KHz in Pearsall, Texas.  This station will be added to the other AM and FM stations programmed by Enduring as part of a South Texas regional network and cluster associated with the main area of activity in the Eagle Ford Shale, according to Enduring CEO David Martin Phillip of Karnes City. 

The deal was struck between Phillip and John Barger, President of San Antonio RadioWorks, LLC, station owner.  Phillip and his company have begun tailoring localized programming for the Eagle Ford area, which includes daily drilling reports, extensive tracking of oil and gas stocks along with other investment reports, employment opportunities, and how-to information for local existing businesses wanting to be part of the Shale-driven economic expansion. 

Local community services will also be part of the programming mix from Enduring on AM-1280.  The station will host a local job and employment bulletin board, livestock auction sales reports, other farm and ranch programming, as well as twice-weekly freshwater and salt water fishing reports.  Area high school sports events will be covered.  Enduring plans to offer internships to area students with an interest in broadcast journalism.

Enduring has radio stations in Kenedy and Beeville, Texas and is currently moving to obtain four other Texas radio stations.  Phillip’s plans are to acquire numerous small market radio stations in clusters on a regional basis, with network service to as many as twenty-five or more stations in the shale oil producing regions of Texas.

Target date for Enduring’s programming on Pearsall’s AM-1280 is early May.  Barger, a pioneer-developer of the news-talk radio format in Texas, will assist Phillip and his staff in cohesively melding Enduring’s various program elements.  Barger’s 40-plus years of radio has included management posts and ownership stakes at differing times at WOAI, KAJA, KONO, KAHL, KRIO, and Dallas’ KRLD.

David Martin Phillip 210-744-3797: I hope to  rejuvenate radio 1280 am to be an asset to your community, should you have any question, Thank You!

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  1. One bright spot of the Eagle Ford Shale, was and is the creation and success of a great Radio Network broadcasting Local News, weather and local sports and as the Spots say Utterly Fantastic Mooosic… Oh ya The No Bull Radio Network.. thank you Mr. David Martin Phillip… we love your stations. Do you think we could score some NoBullRadio tee-shirts… we are Big Big fans.. the size we need are (2) 2xx for me and Josh and (2) 3XXX for the Kids

  2. Didn’t Mr. Phillip buy a station in Dilley… I read on the internet that he had purchase a station from UNIVISION.. He really will control the airwaves of the Eagle Ford Shale.. He his a straight shooter and been around a long time.. no flash in the pan. He is known for doing his homework on every deal he is connected with. We really need this station in Dilley and I am sure Phillip can serve us well with good programing.

  3. I heard gossip down here in the oil patch, that the old geyser dos XX guy “the most interesting guy in the world” calls Mr. Phillip and asks David Martin Phillip for advice.

  4. Mr. Phillip enjoys the opportunity to help the communities and town folk be informed. He has been involved with so may business ventures, from uranium, real estate, oil and gas, electric generation, and making motion pictures, when he talks those that listen will benefit…and he graduated from Texas A&M what more could one expect. Thanks for the return to local radio

  5. You know they say You can’t just buy one radio station. Or was that you can’t eat just one chip. Whatever it is, Mr. Phillip has it down…to a science.. oh ya

  6. David is on old friend and I wish him all the best with his radio stations!

  7. Mr.David Martin Phillip Has always had a vision and is ahead of the curve…I remember when i was just in Grade school, my dad and uncles worked for Mr. Phillip when he had a couple of uranium mines around Hobson…They were small mines compared to the ones Conoco and Chrevon had, however he hire all local drivers and operators…it was a hard time for our families but because of his work we made ends meet. I see a similarity, with his purchase of all these small radio stations.

    He is bringing an identity back to the small town radio and the towns he serves. Just run the radio dial and you find the other stations are run by distant and corporate communication & Media companies that return nothing to the Town and communities the are suppose to serve (no jobs, no money, no interaction). Thanks to Mr.Phillip, my parents who are in a nursing home could hear the Basketball games and baseball games broadcast by his stations, he has made their lives and the lives of others who are unable to attend sports or other local events More tolerable.. thank Mr. Phillip for the vision as always

  8. Mr. David is a really good man. Very generous and gives back to the community. Grampa Vanderhof used to tell me to just be myself and find my own bliss. I wish him good luck with his radio stations. I tune in to KBIL 1490 around Beeville.1 like hearing the older country music and the new Texas music. I switch to KMFR 1280 for the Pearsall station when I head out that direction into the oil patch. Eagle Ford radio is covered by one of his stations.

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