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  1. Utterly fantastic radio. This is a what I would call a true full radio station – great country music, life, stories, business and god! I wish I could listen to it live on the internet when I am not in the area. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for being a loyal listener! We appreciate you listening to our station. We listen to our community and play a mix of what our listeners want. If you like Willie, Haggard, Johnny, George, Jones, Buck, and all the Hanks, then you don’t need to go anywhere else.

      Classic hits plus home town Texas Country music!

      Have a great day!

      P.S. We are looking into our streaming options. Thanks again!

  2. We enjoy your station , especially the Country “Gospel” music on Sunday mornings, followed by the CBC sermon by Bro. Larry Odom. Also the daily “Obits” with the great back-ground music ! Thanks for adding the “Down on the farm segment” & the local sports broadcast is a plus, especially for folks who live “out of range” like my brother in Round Rock and “Triplet” Grandchildren in Taylor, – They say – “Thanks for the shirts! We appreciate your sponsors and will give them our business first. Also, my cows in the show barn say – ” We like the “oldie”Country music , but aren’t too hip about the NO BULL motto”- for obvious reasons. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to “Keep-On-Grinn’n” !!!

    1. Hi Mr. Jimerson,

      We believe that community is the foundation of our work and our work at the radio station is for the community. Thanks for your nice words and we are glad your cows like our music, too. We really appreciate your support of our sponsors. Thanks for spreading the word about our station. Randy

  3. We saw your Cow Car in the Western Days Parade Yorktown Tx. Uddterly Funny with all the Local sport mascots in the mooosic mobile. What a treat for the local kids. Thanks for coming to Yorktown Texas. We love the crazy Cow(no bull radio.com). Your stations are the cream of the crop.

    1. We had a great time! The No Bull Radio Network believes that our stations belong to you, our listeners. We try to support all the area communities the best way we can.

      We’re amazed at how a small South Texas town can put on such a great festival. People drove in from everywhere. Good job, Yorktown! Tons of people, security everywhere, fun amusement rides, great entertainers and I had the BEST barbecue brisket sandwich of all times.

      We really enjoyed the parade and the festival… Plus we gave away a lot of T-Shirts and coozies. Hopefully, if you received a tshirt or coozy, please let us know. Post a pic on your Facebook, tweet us @eaglefordradio or send us a picture here to contact@nobullradio.com

      Thank you YORKTOWN!

      1. I like the gold oldies. Sounds good! Great station! Can I get a tee shirt? We live down down here outside of Yorktown. Thx

  4. I heard that “The no bull radio network” (Enduring Oil) has bought another fm station in the Eagle Ford Shale, 95.3fm in Dilley. We moved from a drilling location over in Three Rivers where we enjoyed your Kenedy station 92.1fm. How long before the Dilley Station will be playing some good Hank, Waylon, Willie, Merle and Johnny?

    1. I expect soon, probably before the end of the year or early next year. Now NBR’s bought the station, the FCC stuff should take a few months at most to be worked out, I would think.

  5. I like your station. Thanks for playing the oldies.

  6. Really like your station…and your listener interaction on the web page. Lonesome Dove was a blast…the band Roy Head is the best can you believe how he belted out those hits… “treat her right” and The most wanted WOMAN”..just great…but our kids were shot at by those kids running loose.. where were the parents.. we dropped our kids off at the babysitter.. we try to be responsible for our childern… Just think if an eye was put out…there would be millions in a law suit.. get some security next year

  7. U guys are on top of it … the best radio stations in South Texas…you make the big guys start to take notice… I hear some of the other stations trying to act like the one and ONLY NO BULL NETWORK… those guys are so phoney.. ya’ll are the real deal…. and I luv it … like it tell my boy friend keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This station is the best…out here on the rig… the no bull radio network RULES…. Your the best KEEP IT UP

    Harry Johnson

  9. OH Donna..OH donna

    1. Dr. Felgud

      After Donna and the other girls you will never dance like that again… you’ll be weak in the knees.. When we get to the dance we will ask is the doctor in the house? If you don’t come running we will find you.. or Roy Head, what a wild and crazy guy…We can’t wait.. for the road trip and the DOVEFEST entertainment..Dickey Lee & Roy Head like hot , hot out of sight,..

  10. Will Dickey Lee have any mementos for sale before or after the show? He is truly a fantastic singer and song writer.. he put that special touch to everything he records.. Who could forget “Running Bear and Little White Dove”” “The Door is Always Open”,”Good Girl Goin’ Bad”,”9,999,999 Tears” and hundreds more..just pure talent we don’t see or hear anymore… This will be a great show me and the girls at the Hospital will be there for sure LOOK OUT KARNES CITY – KENEDY a bus load of Houston Nurses are coming your way.. better clear the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!! we wanta dance bubba

  11. What a surprise a radio station between San Antonio and Corpus I can understand and music I like, Your station must be new to the Eagle Ford cause I was down here on company business last year and all I could hear was a crappy little station on the Am dial that was on and off for a weeks time… at night the signal just vanished and a Mexico station over took this local am station. The 24hr fox news is great along with the weather every 30 minutes.. I tune in to plan the day for my crew with the accurate weather forecast.. Good station I rate KCAF 92.1 fm A++

    1. Thanks for the compliments… we listen to our listeners. We are part of the community too, unlike so many of the other radio stations.

      Just to let you know, we run Fox Headline news at the the bottom of the hour and and SRN News at the top of every hour. Plus weather at the half hour, business news and sports, too. We’re glad you like us! Tell your friends!


  12. I heard the radio 92.1 fm in Kenedy was going to bring in some legends for Lonesome Dovefest September 20.. Roy Head, Dickey Lee and Geronimo Trevino and the Geronimo Band for a mix of classic country, originals and a couple of folk-rock covers. I have heard Geronimo Live at Flores Country Store years ago he’s great. However never seen Dickey Lee, who has written over 150 songs of which George Jones recorded over 25.. “She Thinks I Still Care” Dickey has recorded many top 20 hits since the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s “I Saw Linda Yesterday.” “The Door is Always Open”,”Good Girl Goin’ Bad”,”9,999,999 Tears” and alot more…Now Roy Head.. this legend is a legend’s legend..”Treat her Right” “Just a Little Bit”,”Apple of My Eye” Roy is truly remarkable, now thw question where do we get our tickets…will the no bull network have tickets? can we get them in advance..let us know we are ready to dance…. YEAH BABY

  13. Thank goodness for playing a mix of good country not just
    Bro-Country: It’s my new term for all this CRAP the younger generation of today, the CMA’s, ACM’s, and Nashville Record Producers now refer to as “Country Music”. Examples are Luke Bryant, Eric Church, Gary Allen, Florida Georgia Line, Billy Currington, Taylor Swift and my least favorite Blake Shelton. Heaven forbid having a Fiddle & Steel Guitar in the band . . . Nosiree, Just 2 Strats with lots of distortion and a Keyboard that don’t even sound like a Piano. All us Ole Farts & Jackasses might at well just kick back, turn our ballcaps around backwards and get ready for some of that good ole BRO-COUNTRY! thanks for the classics NO BULL NETWORK

  14. Can you play more Pokka Musix? I tune in to 92.1 here out side of New Braunfels .. and to my surprise your station came in loud and clear … what gives. We have a station here but you were stronger than them… if you are going to be here we demand more pokka.. if you want to stay

    1. Pokka… really..how about good classic country that a man can understand,,,that’s why I listen to the NO BULL RADIO STATION while I am driving down here in South Texas on my way to the rig… go 1280 am Pearsall u can do it..

  15. Geez, I work down here in the oil patch and heard Angela on your station, IS she from Stevenville..she sounds just like an old long lost flame I had many years back..What are the chances… My Angela was a dirty blonde that could throw back cold Lonestars faster than I could hog tie a 200 lb dairy calf. I last saw her when she ran off with my toolpusher at a dance in Mineral Wells Texas in 2005. If it’s her, better run for the Hills cuz she is a MANEATER,,she has left a trail of broken hearted Cowboy across North Texas……Lord get me out of here fast///please

  16. I got off Interstate 10 outside of Kerrville and pickup your Pearsall Station 1280 am loud and clear.. I really enjoyed the down on the farm report…this station reminds me of my home town radio station in Colorado…I am 1200 miles from home and it is comforting to know there are still people that think like myself and my friends… this radio is like my mom and dad listened to years ago.. thanks for the refreshing feeling you give a weary traveler.

  17. The TRADING POST IS LIKE CRAIGSLIST ON THE RADIO… I have bought two items on your Juaer Farm Suppy TRADING POST at 12:30 .. I eat my lunch by the radio with pencil in hand waiting for a good deal… thanks KIBL 1490 am Beeville needed something like this. GOOD JOB keep it up

    1. Where do I send the Information to list on your TRADE & SWAP SHOW AT 12;30. I have a bobcatloader for sale call 210 428 8020

      1. Hi Anna,

        We got it this time. I’ll give you a call and set up the listing for the Trading Post for your Bobcat. But, in the future, you can send Trading Post listings to tradingpost@nobullradio.com

        Be sure to include a description of the items and a name, location and contact number.


      2. Hey I need that bobcat…I have been looking fpr a deal fo 5 months… and guess what I turn on the radio and I hear this bobcat for sale… is that luck or what….or is it just a great radio station that helps out .. are real asset to the community.. no joke I love it

  18. I went to see Siggno in Beeville Friday nite…I drink to muss beers and fell assleep in mi truck can i get refunded on mys 13 dollars or can you give tickets for more music shows next week

    1. YOU HAVE TO KIDDING >>> A REFUND…I don’t know if he got a free ticket… but we are all lucky this guy fell asleep in his truck… while it was parked.. otherwise send him to jail with a big ticket,, and no get out of jail card… real loser… use the beer money on food for your family

  19. We got a ticket to the Beeville Event with Pat Green we brought two other couples with us…the show was fantastic.. and very affordable. We usually go to San Antonio or Austin to Get Our music fix and it costs us no less than $50 dollars a person for tickets..not considering the gasoline and traffic..With your station we have plenty of money saved we can use on the family. Thanks for the good time and keep it up luv the cow 1280 am Pearsall part of the NO BULL NETWORK… Sid and Janis

  20. Thanks No Bull Radio for the tickets to the Beeville Summerfest… with Pat Green and Cory Morrow…the show was great .. we had a blast…we are listening for more funtimes from our FaVoRiTe CrAzY cOw radio station KCAF 92.1fm. really thanks you are the best

  21. I agree with Rodger. This station is cool and clear day or nite. We play it all the time long live 92.1 no bull radio… we love da cOw.. so do your friends from out of town.. they can’t believe a radio station is so responsive to it listeners and community.. thank KCAF 92.1fm

  22. Boy, this station is 1000% better that that small AM station in Karnes City,,, You can not hear it after dark… All I hear is a station out of Mexico… who needs it…I like the crazy cow!!!!!!!! NO BULL RADIO 92.1 fm KCAF Go FALLS CITY U CAN DO IT BEAVERS

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