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Luke Robinson Live In Studio

Luke Robinson

Luke RobinsonTexas Country Musician, Luke Robinson, comes to the radio studio at KCAF 92.1 in Kenedy, Texas.

Luke is scheduled to make a studio appearance on July 8, 2014 and also to meet and greet fans from about 1:30pm at the No Bull Radio Network studio on S. Hwy 181. He’ll have his guitar with him so possibly we’ll be able to entice him to sing a song for us.

Luke sang “Ain’t Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up”, a Garth Brooks song, at the annual school talent show when he was 9 years old and so began his music career. He’s been on stage hundreds of times since that fateful day. Having just gotten back from 4 years in Nashville writing songs, he recently returned to Texas to move his career forward performing.

Luke’s new CD has a little for everyone. Everything from Gospel (All Thee Above) and traditional country (A Beauty In Texas & Country Mile) to mainstream country (Love Grows Wild) and modern country (Ship-Faced & 12 Ounce Bounce), there’s a little something on the new CD for all ages.


Luke Robinson

Luke sings of lost love, finding love, country life, weekend fun…and his thanks to God.

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  1. WOW just hear that your station owner David Martin Phillip Booked Dickey Lee, Roy Head and Geronimo Trevino to Lonesome Dove Fest. Where do I buy tickets… does the station have them or Big B…Let us Know we are ready… Finally we have some great entertainers.. coming in to ply for us… thanks you CrAzY CoW 92.1fm you are the best…we are part of the heard MOOOOSIC. .. yeah Baby

  2. I like these interviews with these new artists… you think you could interview Dolly Parton.. If you do let me know, I’ll be there 20 minutes early, ok with me.

  3. I been listen to the last couple of weeks…this group of stations just keep getting better and better… you have a mix of the best of the best songs and outdoors reports, fishing reports and the drilling reports, that we listen to on the rig.. thanks for the connection to the good country tunes, with no bull thanks you…as the other have said this drilling crew has joined the HEARD,, and glad to be a part of the herd

  4. I couldn’t sleep….There was nothing on the TV except Informericals on how to do it yourself facelift show and why to buy a $500 dollar piece of glass that looks like a diamond (maybe). Well. I decided to go for a ride down to get a munchies. I tune the radio to several station to hear nothing but somthang about how to live to be 120 years old by eating Fish OIL… YUK…. then out of the blue I hear what I have have nt heard in years… a real live local station in of all places American ( the good old USA).. an in English playing Charlie Pride…hey this station is great … thanks

  5. What a looker and a voice is he married??????????? this station has done what no other station down here has ever done… NO BS…thanks KCAF 92.1 we listen to the Jauer Trading Post everyday… and your funnny ads.. we joined the Herd

  6. Man those girls are right about this kid.. the station discovered he can sing like CrAzY>>>I would pay to listen to him any day…. thanks No Bull Radio for sharing this talent. This radio station is better than the TV show the voice… I heard the DJ say they will be bring new talent in weekly… My girlfriend and I are excited to hear these interviews cause we want to be discovered to… everybody needs a chance and this station is there to give us moral support thx guys at the station you have what it takes!!!!!!!!! real vision

  7. Can you believe!!!!!!!!!! A first class Radio station finally in South Texas. I could not sleep, my other half was snoring like a freight train, I hopped in the truck and went for some DoNuts.. fresh hot donuts. turned on Radio….and boom There IS KIBL 1490am, playing songs I can relate to… songs I know.. where did this jewel come from. Geezz, before I knew it I had eaten 11 donuts, and put 40 miles on the truck..and went back 20 years in memories to a time before I married the sleeping locomotive… well so much for the diet but I did find my new radio station.. I am sitting here next to the computer looking at this last donut and listening to the NO BULL RADIO Network,,
    Thank you KCAF 92.1fm, KIBL 1490am and KMFR 1280am you have a new member of your HEARD. and this Luke Robinson is going to be a superstar.. how did you find him??????????

  8. Have you heard this kid sing? He will be the next King George. He delivers real passion in his tune. What a fresh change to the cookie cutter songs playing on other stations. Thank you NoBULLradio.com. You are proving to be a super station for all to listen and preform.. you have won my heart and ears..I’M telling my friends. Bring it on you crazy COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KCAF 92.1fm

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