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One More Drink by Cody Joe Hodges Song Review


Cody Joe Hodges on stage playing guitar and singing into microphone

Cody Joe Hodges

Cody Joe Hodges, (Aggie, Class of ’06) is a singer/songwriter and performer hailing from Texas. He started playing music from an early age, then began writing songs while a freshman at TAMU. Following graduation, he enlisted in the US Army, he found himself chosen to sing in a vocal ensemble called Harmony in Motion which performed at large venues all around America. After leaving the Army, he formed a band called The Linemen, who released an album in 2012. In 2014, Cody released his first solo album The Good Stuff, of which the title track won an award and first single Getting Back To Country was a big success.

Cody Joe Hodges in US Army BDU's performing on stage.

Cody Joe Hodges

This song, One More Drink, is an upbeat piece of country-rock (or rockin’ country as Cody Joe calls it!) and what you would call a ‘good time song’. After a short intro, Cody tells of struggling to make a good impression on a lady after a few too many. It quickly leads to the instantly memorable chorus, with lyrics we can all relate to: “One more drink, and I’ll leave this bar….one more drink, man, where’s my car?

After a humorous second verse and another chorus, it leads straight into a blistering electric guitar solo that lets us know for sure this is most certainly ‘rockin’ country’. The third verse ties up the song’s little story nicely, with a couple of repeated choruses that you can imagine everyone in a bar singing along to while having a few drinks themselves.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable and instantly likeable song that seems destined to be popular, especially as songs about the good stuff appear to be all the rage in country music at the moment. Cody Joe Hodges has a great voice, an excellent cast of supporting musicians behind him and superb production, ready for radio. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t become an even bigger hit than his first single.

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