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Support Local Radio!

Support Local Radio!


nabPerformance tax advocates are on Capitol Hill working to convince members of Congress that local radio stations should be forced to pay record labels and artists on top of the free promotion stations provide. Don’t let their voices be the only ones policymakers hear!

A performance tax would hurt radio, artists and listeners. Remind lawmakers today that local radio stations are the backbone of communities.

Click here… You can Tweet your legislatures or post on their Facebook pages to thank them if they are cosponsoring the Local Radio Freedom Act, which opposes a performance tax on radio. If they are not yet supporting the bill, you can ask for their support today!

Radio stations are the pulse of communities, delivering the important news, emergency information and programming that listeners rely on each day. Take action and sound off now to ensure your voice is heard.

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Free Radio on Your Phone

FM Radio can protect your family in times of emergency.

We shouldn’t be forced to pay to stream local radio – especially in emergencies. Today’s smartphones already have an FM receiver! This means that all listeners would have easy access to radio for the entertainment they love and information they need, but wireless carriers are dragging their feet and won’t activate the FM chips that are in every smartphone.

TAKE ACTION Contact your wireless carrier today to let them know — as a matter of public safety and consumer fairness for data plans — you want your phone’s FM chip activated for constant access to free FM radio!

  • No Data Plan Required!
  • No stuttering or buffering!
  • Instant, no 3-30 second delay.

FM radio doesn’t require an internet connection and won’t drain your phone’s battery. We need your help to make sure carriers hear this message: We shouldn’t be forced to pay to stream local radio – especially in emergencies – it should be FREE and at our fingertips. Get the FM Radio App. TAKE ACTION today!

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